Ushiwakamaru defeats Kumasaka Chohan – Ukiyo-e print

Not something I have done before but I found this beautiful Ukiyo-e print with some history attached to it. It’s quite good so I thought I would share it with you.

A scene from a famous Noh play. The outlaw priest Kumasaka Chohan (with long sword) fights a leaping Ushiwakamaru (later known as Minamoto no Yoshitsune). Kumasaka Chohan was a 12th-century leader of a band of thieves; he was finally defeated by 15-year old Ushiwakamaru during an attempted robbery at an inn where Ushiwakamaru was staying. Ushiwakamaru had been taught the martial arts by the tengu, and grew up to become the legendary warrior Yoshitsune.

Nobukazu Watanabe (1874-1944) was a disciple of Chikanobu Toyohara, who worked to keep the old art of printmaking alive against growing competition from the new techniques of photography and lithography.


Source – Ukiyoe – Japanese prints