Update: Welcome to my site. I currently live in Mihara city which is located in Hiroshima prefecture. I am the Vice Principal of K&F English Academy. This site focuses on Japanese history, archaeology, religion and culture as seen by me.

The previous time I lived in Japan was back in the 90’s. I lived in Hokkaido for 6 years from 1996-2002. During that time I immersed in study, teaching and living the Japanese life. My wife is Japanese and both of my children were born in Japan. I lived in the Hokkaido countryside so interaction with other foreigners was rare so I had to learn Japanese and the local way of life.

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In 2002 my family and I moved back to Australia. I still teach English and still study Japanese history and culture.  Lately I have been fascinated with ukiyo-e art. Up till this year my family and I visit Japan ever year and have travelled to most parts of the country.

Please contact Stuart of you have any questions about Japan, Japanese history or culture.  Also Stuart can help with any travel or educational questions.  Stuart is a Japanese historical consultant with an Australian Business Number (ABN).

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