Welcome to Kyushu Sake Explorer!

Hi everyone. Welcome to Kyushu Sake Explorer. 🤗

My name is Stuart. I own a cafe/hair salon in Hakataku, Fukuoka city.

I started this page to introduce sake (nihonshu) from Kyushu to everyone around the world. Well, as many people as I can reach on this platform.I love nihonshu and I think nihonshu produced in Kyushu is top class. However, Kyushu sake is not widely known so I hope I can introduce a number of breweries and types of sake to you as well as some basic sake educational posts. 🤓

I endeavour to go to as many breweries as I can, however I read that Kyushu has nearly 200 breweries! 🧐 Anyway I`ll do my best 😄

Many of you know I love Japanese history, so I will give you a rundown on the history of each brewery if I can.

Thankyou, lets enjoy sake in Kyushu! 😍👍