Yanagawa – City of Canals, Fukuoka

I can’t believe that February has gone by so quickly.

I’ve been busy preparing for the opening of my new business.  My wife and I are going to open a hairdressers and cafe together here in Fukuoka.  We are so excited and can’t wait to open which should be at the beginning of May.

Anyway, last year we visited Yanagawa in southern Fukuoka.  It used to be an old castle town on the shore of the Ariake sea.  The canals that are famous now for leisurely boat trips used to used as the castle moat.  It was quite a complex moat system.

The moats were also used to transport goods throughout the region.  It’s an interesting area and it it famous for eel.  So if you like eels and boats, Yanagawa is the place for you 🙂