Best Year To Date!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to say thank you to my followers.  Last year was the best to date with the most number of people who visited my blog and read my stories.


I have many more exciting places to visit and explore on my list this year.  Over the winter holidays I had 2 short trips.  One to the mainland (Honshu), Shimonoseki – famous for the small castle town of Chofu which played an important role along with Satsuma to oust the Tokugawa at the end of the Edo Period.

Kanmon Kaikyo bridge at sunset.  The bridge joins the island of Kyushu (left side) to the main island of Honshu (right side).

The second place I visited was Saga castle ruins.  Even though Saga is neighbouring my hometown of Fukuoka this was the first time for me to visit the castle ruins.  All I can say is “what a great site”.  Hizen han as Saga was known played many important roles at the end of the Edo period and Nabeshima Naomasa, the last Lord of Hizen was such a fabulous leader.  Anyway stay tuned for a future blog post.

Lord Nabeshima Naomasa, the last Lord of Hizen.

Thankyou again and I hope 2020 is a great year for everyone.