Welcome to hell! Beppu Jikoku, Oita.

Last summer I went to Beppu for a few days. Unfortunately as the trip drew closer Kyushu was hit by a bloody typhoon. The typhoon passed but we were still on the back end of the weather so it rained for most of the time 😦

Anyway here are some photos of the 2 day trip.


Great view of Beppu from the private spa.


Quite a fancy 7/11 across the street from the hotel.  Inside is standard 7/11.


All year Xmas?  Suginoi Hotel, Beppu.


The hotel was OK, very big and a lot of visitors.  A little like cattle class of hotels.  But the food was great and the morning sunrise even better.


The whole of Beppu is like a hot spring.  Apparently all the hot water for the city is supplied by the surrounding volcanic hills.


A wet gift shop and some big pots steaming eggs and sweet potatoes.  Steam just seems to be pouring out of everywhere in Beppu.


The entrance to Beppu Jikoku.


The ‘Blood Red’ lagoon.  Well advised not to touch, it’s red for a reason!



A road stop at Jumonju lookout just before heading into Beppu.


Shiraike pond. Right out front of the nice visitors center.


Even though it kinda looks cold, it was the middle of summer so yours truly dressed appropriately for the weather despite the rain.


Words and photos by Stuart