Amakusa and the Shimabara Rebellion – Kyushu.

A statue of Shiro Amakusa. The young Christian rebel who rose up and led a rebellion against the Tokugawa Shogunate. Amakusa-Shimabara Rebellion (1637)

Cherry blossoms and a Tori on the way up to Nokanetenbo Park

Sakitsu Church, established in 1569 by the Portuguese.

Interior of the church. I have never seen tatami in a church before. It’s very interesting.

Stained glass window and ikebana.


Looking back to Sakitsu church from the torii.


Looking to the south from the lookout of Nokanetenbo Park.  It was a little overcast when I went.  I think on a nice day the view would be fantastic.


The famous stone bridge were the Christian rebels and Tokugawa samurai fought and died.  It is said that the river was filled with dead bodies and the water was red after the battle.


On the site of the old Hondo castle grounds now sits an interesting Christian museum. It has many interesting displays which shows the history of Christianity in Amakusa and the wider Kyushu area.

Burial mounds for many of the Christians who died during the rebellion.

Amakusa is a very nice part of Kyushu and also has a lot of unique Japanese history. The Christian rebellion of 1637 was very brutal and many people died fighting the new Tokugawa shogunate oppression.

Photos and text by Stuart Iles.

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