October 2022 update

Morning everyone.

It has been a little while since my last post and I thought I would give a little update why I haven’t posted anything recently.

Doing research on a topic, for me anyway, inevitably leads to deeper research on connecting topics. In this case my research on ancient Kikuchi castle and Ono castle a little while back, led my curiosity to other ancient castle sites in Japan.

Problem is, I now have 3 unfinished research articles and a new book to decipher. 😍🙀

This is what is in the works.

1. Kikuchi castle update post with a full translation of its history from the Kumamoto Prefectural Museum (Kikuchi Castle Historical Park branch)

2. Ryuzoji of Saga Prefecture history. The Rise and Fall of the Ryuzoji during the Sengoku Period.

3. Matsuura Kaizoku. The story of the Matsuura clan who were known as the pirates of Kyushu during the Heian and Kamakura periods.

Anyway, autumn is here. The days are becoming cooler and much more livable which is very welcomed after the very hot summer. I’ll do my best to get these finished as soon as I can.

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