Spring in Fukuoka 2020

Well, spring has come and gone for 2020, here in Japan. Everyday passes by so quickly one often forgets how quickly life also passes us by.
This year began as any other but we were soon reminded that human life is very susceptible to viral infections. This year Japan and the world suffered a terrible outbreak of Corona Virus (covid19). Some countries are still suffering. Luckily, Japan, by the looks of it has managed to shake it off although the virus took many lives including a couple of famous Japanese entertainers.
So, I`m looking forward to the second half of this year. Rui and I will open our new shop `RUST`. It is a hair salon/English cafe here in Hakataku, Fukuoka.
Please check our FB and Instagram, search word `zassho rust` or `rust` in Zasshonokuma/Hakata.

Take care and I hope to see you at the cafe or online.


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