Nissan DR30 Skyline RS-Turbo

The DR30 Skyline is one of the most iconic cars in the 1980s.  This restored DR30 looks like it just came out of the factory, but even better as it has modern technology keeping it alive.



Brake calipers have been thoroughly overhauled at the restore.  The DR30 has been out of production for 30 years so it’s only common sense to update those.

The engine room is one of the highlights of this rebuild. The DR30 comes with the FJ20 engine, a classic 2L turbo.  Most parts have been overhauled, re-painted and of course, the entire engine room is newly painted as well.

Thermostats, plugs and clocks, air conditioner receivers and hoses, and clutch masters are replaced with new parts, and radiators and water pumps, power steering pumps and gearboxes, air conditioners, compressors and condensers use high-quality rebuilt products. In addition, like the brake caliper, the brake master cylinder has been overhauled.


The wheels are Star Road Glow Star Gold Mesh both front and rear. The size is 15 × 9.0J. Wheels with different rim depths are selected at the front and rear, and the rear is deeper. Combined with a style that slightly hides the tires in the fender, it creates a powerful feeling.


Skyline RS-Turbo (DR30)


Vehicle weight (kg) 1175
Engine model FJ20ET Type
Engine type Inline 4-cylinder DOHC turbo
Total displacement (cc) 1990
Bore x stroke (mm) 89.0 x 80.0
Compression ratio 8.0: 1
Maximum output (ps / rpm) 190/6400
Maximum torque (kg-m / rpm) 23.0 / 4800
Brake front / rear ventilated disc / disc
(both the front and rear) tires 195 / 60R15
Released price 2,691,000 yen

Edited text by Stuart, photos from Nostalgic Hero.