Seto Inland Sea Sunset, Onomichi, Hiroshima – Pictorial

A little while ago when I lived in Mihara in Hiroshima I had the opportunity to see a beautiful sunset.

Living in Mihara wasn’t the best of times for me but luckily I had some friends who showed me around the area and cheered me up.  One day we went to Onomichi and walked around the old town which was nice.  Onomichi is one of only a few towns not bombed during the war so it still retains its old Taisho/Showa period feeling.

We left Onomichi and headed south east up into the mountains.  We arrived at the Bellavista Hotel and Spa at about an hour before sunset, sat down and enjoyed a few beers.  The view from the outdoor area is fantastic as you can see from the photos.

You don’t need to be staying at the hotel (well, when we went) to enjoy this view.  We just ordered some food and drinks and enjoyed the sunset.

Well worth visiting if you’re in the area.


Text and photos by Stuart