Kuroda clan samurai, Goto Matabei’s original armour.

Goto began serving the Kuroda clan under Yoshitaka during Hideyoshis Korean invasions.  Goto continued to serve the Kuroda after Yoshitaka died under his son, Nagamasa.  Goto became one of the Kuroda clan`s most important generals.

He was a much-respected professional warrior who often proudly boasted of the 53 scars on various parts of his body, trophies of the many wars in which he had participated. He provided fine service to the Kuroda clan during the Battle of Sekigahara.     

Although Goto Matabei was fighting under Tokugawa colours during the Sekigahara battle, he would later side with Toyotomi Hideyori in Osaka, and was killed in the summer Battle of Osaka in 1615. One of his sets of armour is now on display in Matsue Castle.

Read more about the exploits of Goto Matabei in the book, The Battle of Sekigahara by Chris Glenn.


Source – Battle of Sekigahara.


  1. I thought this armor looked familiar! I’ll have to take a closer look at it next time I’m in Matsue Castle now that I’ve got more backstory to go with it.


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