Oga Shuzou

I`m going to start off with one of the oldest breweries in Fukuoka.

Found this Oga Shuzo nihonshu in my local supermarket the other day. Junmai Ginjo, 55% polished, 15% alcohol, Yume-Ikkon rice from Fukuoka. Good quality and reasonable price. Oga Shuzo has been brewing since 1673! Located in Futsukaichi, Fukuoka.

Oga Shuzou can be found here in the south east of Fukuoka City.

This is the lower ranked Junmai shu. 65% polishing, 15% alcohol. A little dry in flavour.

Last of this series I have had is the top range Junmai Daiginjo. Still a reasonable price compared to some other brands. 50% polishing, 15% alcohol.

This series is nice and has my go to nihonshu recently. Firstly, the taste of each is very nice and refreshing, secondly, it is easy available at my local supermarket and lastly it is priced very well. The red label is about 850 yen and the black label about 1600 yen.

Text and photos by Stuart.

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