69 Stations of the Kisokaido #51 Fujimi

It’s been a little while since I reviewed a ukiyo-e print so here we go.
This print is from the 69 stations of the Kisokaido and the artist credited is no other than Utagawa Hiroshige!
Print number 51, Fujimi.


I like this print as it depicts lunchtime on the busy walking path. The post town of Fushimi was a well to do port along the Kiso river. In the Edo period land tax was made not with money but in the form of rice. In this print to the left you can see the many storehouses located along the river which ware used to load rice onto river boats to be sent downstream.

In the center of the print is a huge pine tree which usually lined both the Kisokaido and more southern route, the Tokaido. Under the tree you can see some people eating a bento lunch and one man taking a nap.

There are also 2 men who appear to be samurai bannermen dressed in black. To the left appears a local doctor who carried a red sash around his waist filled with medical supplies. To the right of the print are 3 women who seem to be musicians as 2 of them are carrying a shamisen which is an old type of guitar.

We may guess the print portrays a hot summer midday feeling due to the red colouring along the top of the print which is known as bokashi and how the people are relaxing under the tree for lunch.

Here is a photo of the Kisokaido and all the ukiyo-e prints numbering 70 in all.