Konjikido in Snow, Hiraizumi, 1957

Hall of the golden hue (konjikido)

This print was the last print ever to be designed by Kawase Hasui. Sadly, he passed away 1957 just before this print was to be published. Thus, his “fate” did not allow him to see the production of this, his final work: ….Stepping up a long stair towards heaven, we must now wonder, did he already feel his end coming?? And, one must further wonder……could the “lone figure” seen in the distance perhaps even be Hasui himself??

This print was handed out to mourners on the one hundredth day anniversary of Hasui’s passing which was held to pray for the repose of his soul.

Could there possibly be a more fitting image to mark the end of this legend of a man among Japanese woodblock print designers?


Hiraizumi is in southern Iwate prefecture.