Japanese home architecture

I’ve been interested in Japanese style architecture for a long time but recently I’ve taken an interest in traditional home architecture. My dream home has gotta be something like one of these pictures. They are beautiful, please enjoy.









  1. OMG…I love these. For what it’s worth, my own apartment is currently decorated in a style I call “Made for Export.” It’s filled with retro knicknacks of Japanese manufacture. You know those cloth geisha-looking dolls? I collect those. I love those. I have eight of those.

    BTW….if you would have any information on made for export tourist goods, I’d love to see it!


    1. Thank you, I’m happy you like the post and photos. Not sure about the exported goods. I have seen some Japanese home ware shops back in Sydney, Australia but that’s about all I can help you with. I would think some bigger western cities would have these types of shops.


      1. I was talking more about post-WWII tourist knicknacks? The kind you get in antique stores and flea markets these days. They were basically made for service members while Japan was still recovering from the War.


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