Mt Hiei

I never get tired of going to Mt Hiei and taking photos. The three Enryakuji temple complexes are fabulous and are different within themselves. I just wish I could read more Kanji so I can read the information sheets to share with you all. You can buy a day ticket that will allow you entry into all three temple complexes and also includes free bus shuttle between them.


Well worn sandals. Monks must walk between temples which can take a whole day. Winter must be a challenge.

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Entry tickets

You will need a basic level of fitness as there are quite a few steep stairs to climb.




Allow a whole day to explore this site. Enryakuji was first established back in the Heian Period so enjoy your walk through Japanese Buddhist history. Many buildings pre date the 1670s despite the best attempts of Oda Nobunaga who tried to completely destroy it.


  1. Love Mt. Hiei. I started a temple pilgrimage book for the complex… the calligraphy and stamps are gorgeous.


      1. Oh, no… It’s an actual book you can buy at any temple, and for a small fee, they will sign and stamp (in red) a calligraphy for whatever you want (health, success, wish-fulfillment, etc). I think there’s over 100 temples in the course. 🙂

        But it would be a pretty cool book to write!


  2. OK, I see. Yes I remember those. I we bought one each for our kids as a challenge to complete. I have so many books I would love to write about Japan. Did you buy those Enryakuji history books? A lot of Kanji and beautiful pictures. I always bug my wife to translate them for me.


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