Old photos

I have a lot of old photos on my hard drive so I thought I would share some with you.

yodoyabashi bridge, osaka







  1. Interesting, the last photo labeled “Tokyo Castle” I’ve seen label as the outside of the Tokugawa seaside residence in Hamamatsu-cho. Today the garden is preserved as Hama-rikyu Teien.

    Interesting. Both labels can’t be correct. But the picture that I have (probably the same image), doesn’t have a label. The site I got it from just said so.

    If this is Tokyo Castle (Edo Castle), do you know which mitsuke that is?


    1. Hi mate, yes certainly an interesting photo. I don’t know much about it and haven’t done any research into it. I just remember seeing it in a collection a few years ago and thought I should make a copy. If I can remember, the collection was quite thorough and I think there were more of the castle complex around the same area. I suppose if there are more we could speculate they are all of the same place then confirm or not if it is of the Imperial Palace. I’ll have to figure out where I got it from and see if I can find them again. I’ll let you know when I find something.


  2. That was quick. Good work. Only thing we can assume is that the person who labelled the photo did not take the photo and was not sure where it was taken. Interesting. That part of the moat is the one that is now covered by the expressway yeah. Thanks.


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